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Vinyl Resting Place Book Review

Updated: Feb 4


Where to begin? How about we turntable back two generations and find a family owned record shop in the middle of Cedar River, a small town just a stone’s throw away from Austin, Texas? Now, we skip over a few decades and find ourselves in present day Cedar River, where the three Jessup sisters are reviving their family’s lost business that had since succumbed to online music streaming and digital downloads. With the past becoming the ‘cool’ thing once again, everyone in town is having a swinging good time at the Sip and Spin’s grand re-opening as the beer and tacos flow. That is, except for one particular lady who’s life song was cut short.

For Juni Jessup, returning to her hometown and starting a small business with her sisters, Maggie and Tansey, is a dream come true. Her first few weeks have been dedicated to getting their business up and spinning, but instead of relaxing to the music on their first day open, the shop is sealed under crime scene tape. And as we all know, coming back home can stir up some mixed feelings as complicated as a special latte. With her ex-boyfriend on the case, and her past best friend looking to begin anew, the lyrics to this mystery get a little heated when their uncle disappears and turns a simple traffic violation into a charge of suspicion of murder. Will Juni be able to settle this Texas-sized mystery, clear her uncle’s name, and save their family’s business before the needle scratches her out for good?

I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery with all of the author’s musical puns, and especially the theme of the shop, vinyl records. I found myself wishing that the Jessup’s shop was real where I could pursue the racks of albums, taste the daily beverage special, and help the Jessup sisters to locate their uncle. Oh, did I forget to mention that there is also a white and orange cat named Daffy who provides a linking clue to the killer? I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of the Jessups’ rocking mysteries in the near future and I will be queuing in line for a ticket to their next record.

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