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The Serpent's Star

Murial Robertson #1

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In the late 1880s, Murial Robertson has the unusual job of being a part of her father’s

security detail. While trying to gain public support to make Arizona a state, the Senator

receives a peculiar letter threatening his life and signed by “The Serpent.” Trying

to keep her controlling father alive, Murial heads to the town of Conestone where she

implores the help of her cousin, Walter, and the town’s sheriff, Jack, before her own life

takes an abrupt turn.

When an explosion destroys part of the town, toxic secrets are revealed, and a man

with a well groomed mustache kidnaps her, all the pieces tie back to a death from

three years ago. Murial has been dreaming of freedom from fear and her father’s

clutches, but will the past’s vengeance crush her spirit before she has a

chance to do so?


Murial Robertson Series

Angled for Revenge

Murial Robertson #2

Cover Coming Soon.jpg

See what is next for Murial in the second installment of this series.

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