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mannequin fishing art piece
mannequin fishing art piece
Sarah by a Tree
Sarah Near a Plant
Sarah in a Hat

Hi, there!

My name is Sarah and being an artist is my dream come true. Ever since I was little, I have loved to draw and create things that bring smiles to people's faces. My favorite mediums are markers and colored pencils, but I have dabbled in a plethora of other materials. I have worked with aluminum, wood, alcohol inks, oil pastels, pastels, watercolor, photography, and digital art. I have even sculpted a salt lick rock for a college project! I am up for a challenge and  trust in God that he will guide me.


I earned my Associates Degree in Art and Design at Harrisburg Area Community College and also had amazing art teachers in high school.

Three Flowers Image
Flower and a Pear

Fun Facts:

- I love animals and currently have two dogs.

- My favorite movie series is Pirates of the Caribbean.

- My favorite fruit are pears (all shapes/sizes).

- My favorite bird is the chickadee.

- I love the rain and stormy weather.

- My favorite verse is Revelations 3:8.

- I listen to all types of music, except rap/hip-hop.


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