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Hope, Faith, and a Corpse Book Review

Updated: Feb 17, 2023


CALLING ALL MOVIE QUOTERS, HUMOROUS READERS, AND COZY MYSTERY LOVERS! This delightful tale, set in the sleepy town of Apple Springs, centers around a middle-aged priest named Hope Taylor as she begins life anew in the Episcopalian parish of Faith Chapel. The day begins with such high hopes, haha-pun intended, for the beginning of her new job working under Father Christopher, when an Elvis gnome plants a shinier on her face and she literally stumbles onto a dead body in the church’s columbarium (not at the same time).

The gossip telephone spreads faster than wildfire and Pastor Hope becomes Lucille Ball famous overnight, for all the wrong reasons. Seeing as how she was found holding the murder weapon in her hand, by her new nemesis, Marjorie, she becomes the prime suspect even before meeting the rest of her flock. It isn’t long before she discovers that the deceased had more enemies than John Dillinger and had a reputation that would make James Bond blush. Gossip is not Hope’s thing, trying to be pastoral correct for her job’s sake, but that doesn’t bother diner owner Susan and her sister-in-law Virginia from helping her sleuth out some information to help clear her name and to satisfy their own curiosity. With a cup of tea, and a fabulous apple pie, Hope gets fueled up for an investigation that leads closer to home than anyone would surmise.

From the start, the author immediately pulled me into the story with her wonderful sense of movie quote humor, without stealing all of the caviar garnish—unlike Tom Hanks. This is an 11 out of 10 for me, from a reader who could see Hope and Jessica Fletcher having a beautiful friendship. There is even a movie guide and FIVE recipes at the back of the book. I had the time of my life reading the first in this series and can’t wait for round two!

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