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Tinderbox Book Review

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

There is a small mystery bookshop located across the street from a cornfield. It's name is the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop and I have contributed a few book reviews to their quarterly newsletter. Here is my book review on TInderbox: Soldier of Indira by Lou Diamond Phillips.



This story was a delight to read and I thoroughly enjoyed the book from cover to cover. It follows the story of Everson, an Indiran soldier who has been left for dead by his people after defeat at the Grand Schism battle. The desert that lies before him is of the enemy planet Mano, once adjoined to his planet of Indira long ago. The two halves have been at war for a few centuries, Indira having the more advanced of the weaponry. Intertwined with his fate, the Manoliths surviving the desert landscape have been suffering under their King’s power hungry greed. Terrified of the prophecy that has announced his reign’s demise, his daughter Allegra has been trapped in the castle since her birth and kept as a prisoner within her room. The TREE is said to hold the key to saving the kingdom if they can find a champion that can beat the three DOGs’ challenges nestled within its secrets. When Everson is captured by one with less than pure intentions for the King of Mano, his only freedom rests in him surviving those very obstacles. As he approaches what would end up being the start of battles, love, betrayal, and a life he never imagined, he realizes that no one has ever come back alive. Will he end up with the same fate as the rest or will he survive and allow himself to fall victim to his destiny?

I was originally intrigued by the storyline when I heard about it at the bookshop’s zoom event with Craig Johnson and Lou Diamond Phillips, and I was not disappointed. LDP’s first ever novel was dimensional in its plot and details, and well deserving of it’s praise from Craig Johnson’s quote on the book’s cover. The well developed characters all played a part in a grander scheme that rotated between their various viewpoints and kept me on my toes. The emotions are relatebly and the world so real, I can touch it in my mind. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction, action, adventure or just plain old good storytelling.

I would also like to give fair warning to readers that his choice of wordage can be challenging at times, but I did not feel that it took anything away from the actual story plot or from any of the messages within it.


If you would like to hear Mr. Phillips discuss his book alongside Author Craig Johnson, feel free to watch the following video:

If you would like to see more reviews, like mine, please check out the following link that will take you to this issue of their newsletter. You can also visit their website at for all your mystery book needs. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you pick out a new adventure to dive into. #reading #books #tinderbox #ldp #loudiamondphillips #author #bookreview #mechanicsburgpa #bookshop #mysterybookreview #mystery

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