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Sign Up for My Monthly Newsletter!

Updated: Jul 9

So...we all know that email inboxes are one of the things that gets cluttered up with junk and we end up trashing a lot of them anyways from either irrelevance or out of frustration. But what if there were emails that delivered good news and brought smiles to our faces?

Sign up for my monthly newsletter (meaning that you receive only ONE email from me a month) and get a promo code to take 10% off your first order at my Etsy Store. The promo code will come in the Thank-You email that should arrive in your inbox almost instantly to ensure that everything comes through correctly. If, at any point, you decide that you no longer would like to hear about my book-ish and art-ish news, just let me know and I will take you off of the subscription list. I get it. Our digital mail boxes can be easily overloaded and it is mentally draining to have to sift through all one hundred and five emails that showed up in the last ten minutes.

Oh, and before I forget to mention, if you sign up at any minute of the day between June 4th and July 31st, there is an extra surprise for a few lucky individuals. Check out my social media accounts for more on what prizes will be available.

Rules for the Giveaways:

1. No purchase necessary. This is completely FREE to enter for residents living inside the United States of America and over the age of 18.

2. Signing up for my Newsletter gives an individual one entry into the giveaway. No additional entries can be obtained. One per person in order to give everyone the same chances. Alternate methods of entry are also given the same considerations with one entry per person and are treated no differently.

3. Dates for entering into giveaways starts on June 4th, 2023 at 12:01 am and ends on July 31st, 2023 at 11:59 pm. Anyone who signs up for my monthly newsletter during that time frame can win one of the four prizes I will be handing out over the summer.

4. Value of prizes are listed as follows: Prize 1 at $27, Prize 2 at $15, Prize 3 at $20, and Prize 4 at $43. Images of the prizes and all contents are provided for on both Facebook and Instagram, and content lists/images can be provided for anyone participating in one of the alternate methods detailed later. Both companies mentioned above are not associated with me, nor do they take part of this giveaway in any shape and/or sense of the word.

5. Winners will be announced on June 30th for Prize 1 and Prize 2. The winner for Prize 3 will be released on July 14th, with the final winner for Prize 4 to be announced on August 1st. First names of the winners will be posted on my social media accounts and will also be listed on this blog posting.

6. Prizes will be shipped out at no charge for the winners. Emails will be sent out to winners asking for addresses in order for the prizes to be shipped. If entering through an alternative method, the winners will be notified via the method they used.

7. In the event that one of the winners does not respond to my email within four days of it being sent, or in the case of the email bouncing, or in the case that there is no response by the winner via an alternative method within a two week time frame, a new winner for the respective prize will be pulled and named.

8. Alternative Methods of Entry: If an individual does not have access to emails, then another way of entering is to print off and fill out the following form. To mail the form into me during the giveaway dates, the address can be requested through the "contact me" page of this website.

MR Form
Download PDF • 101KB

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