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Next Set of Little Libraries - Up to 10 of 50 for the Year!

Numbers 10 out of 50 Little Libraries Collage

I can't believe that I have already visited 10 Little Free Libraries since starting this challenge! With one fifth of my goal accomplished, it seemed like the perfect time to release a follow up blog post on my continuing adventures. So here they are...

(And if you didn't catch the first set of Little Libraries I visited, then you can check them out at this blog post to see which one I started at.)


Stop 6: Carlisle, PA

Myself and a book at a Little Library in Carlisle

This next location was in a small park that branches off of a gravel drive, next to a volunteer fireman's hall. It had a nice array of soccer fields, a baseball field, tennis courts, and it even sported a disc golf course! There certainly was plenty of things to do at this spot, with playgrounds for the young kids and pavilions capable of holding large family reunions. The park is much bigger than one would think as they come back the drive, but it soon opens up into three parking sections, bathrooms near the Little Library, and a paved loop that people can use for a walking exercise. (and yes, I am wearing a Scooby Doo shirt, because he never goes out of style!)

Disc Golf at the Park

Have you ever played disc golf? It is trickier than it first appears, then again, my aim with a Frisbee leaves a lot to be desired. Still, I have tried a few times in the past, and while I may not be going pro in the near, or distant, future, it is a fun pastime that allows you to soak up the natural sunlight and enjoy the outdoors. Though, you might want to apply a few dollops of sun screen to your face before exiting the house.


Stop 7: Carlisle, PA

Donating a Book to a Little Library, painted Blue

I know what you might be thinking...Sarah, that is not a novel. No, it isn't. is still a book, and one that is recyclable and teaches kids about the planet as they complete fun activities within its pages. Plus, it is good to go with something a little different from time to time, else-wise, you just find yourself in a rut.

This library was located in a suburban area, where the trees provide plenty of shade, and create a beautiful drive when they are in full bloom. I have stopped by this one before, but now that I am on my self-proclaimed challenge, there seemed to be a need to return. Personally, I am not a blue lover, but this electric color feels right for this Little Library.


Stop 8: Carlisle, PA

Placing a Book in an Empty Little Library

This has got to be another first for me (as I stated in my other blog on this subject, April has been an adventurous month). I have been to my fair share of Little Libraries, but not to one that was empty! A tragic situation that was quickly remedied with a Nancy Drew book. Another interesting tidbit in regards to this stop, besides being located just around the corner from the previous library, is the stand it sits upon. Have you noticed it?

A Singer Sewing Machine Table

If you guessed it was a Singer sewing machine stand, than you would be correct! I thought this was a pretty neat addition, and a little detail this history fan did not miss while visiting. I must admit, that these libraries do seem to bring the creativity out in people. (what an awesome bonus!)


Stop 9: Carlisle, PA

Dropping off a Nancy Drew Book at a Little Library

By now, you have most likely saw the theme that most of this batch of library stops can be found in Carlisle, PA. And this one, was no exception! Being nestled beside a kid's playhouse, on the edge of a children's playground, these pics come from a private Catholic school, installed by a local Girl Scout Troop.

This version reminded me of Little Tykes, and it brought back memories from elementary school when I saw the old playground equipment, though I did not go to this school. There was a small garden flag under the library, and it seemed appropriate to be dropping off another Nancy Drew at his particular location. (It was also neat to see images of the project attached to its listing on the Little Free Library's app, or you can visit the Little Free Library's Website.)


Stop 10: Carlisle, PA

Stopping by a Little Library and Dropping off a Book

Last stop for this posting, was put up by a Homeowners Association, placed in a development right behind a grocery store. I found the stickers to be a cool feature on the door, and the area was pleasantly green from all the rain we had a week ago.

As most of my donations this time around, were of children's books, I decided it was time to share another copy of Murial Robertson. For you never know where her next adventure will be...


Well, that is it for now, and talk about a wonderful next leg of the journey! Can't wait to see where the road takes me. Until next time...thanks for reading. #bookshop #littlefreelibrary #pennsvlvania #ohio #books #challenge #outdooradventure

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