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Beginning my Journey of Visiting 50 Free Little Libraries this Year!

Updated: Apr 29

collage of the first five libraries of my challenge

Earlier this year, I came up with the idea of visiting 50 Free Little Libraries before the end of November, and dropping off books at each one of them. Like a giant scavenger hunt, I was already able to mark five from my list, as my mother and I traveled to Meadville, Pennsylvania in the hopes of seeing our first total eclipse (seeing the pattern of "firsts" here?) April was certainly an adventurous month for me!


The First Stop of My Journey: Kinsman, Ohio

myself at a little library in kinsman ohio

By happenstance, and I do mean by pure accident, we came across this Free Little Library as we were driving through the small town of Kinsman. I had never been to Ohio before, and with our planned route taking us so close to the border, we decided to take a spontaneous side trip and landed ourselves on the Ohio Turnpike. Which by the way, has much cheaper gas prices than in Pennsylvania.

As we drove along our alternative route, navigating through the help of my phone's GPS (but under my careful eye as not to have us in a ditch or on railroad tracks), we made our way via Youngstown, into Kinsman and finally over the line back into Pennsylvania. The town was cute, with a well looked after square, from which you can see in the image below.

picture of the square in kinsman, ohio

Like most small towns, it was a blimp on a large map. You drove in and out in a flash. But we were so glad we stopped here and found this artistically created library. There was street parking beside it, making it one of the easiest to access, and I really like the bright paint job that catches your eye. What a way to start off my challenge for the year!


Stop 2: Jamestown, Pennsylvania

myself at a little library in jamestown, pa

Of course, when I see a place called "The Mark Twain Manor," and it has a Little Library, then we have to stop. Yellow must be a good color for Free Libraries! This one was located along a main road going through Jamestown, and had parking available right in front. There was a short path leading up to the little structure, and the area was perfumed with historical charm.

Something I like to do when I am visiting a Little Library, is to see what other books are on the shelves. (Mysteries were a favorite at this one, which made it the perfect place to put a copy of Murial Robertson's first adventure).

collage of the mark twain manor in jamestown, pa

And yes, I did take a photo of the historic fencing because the design is indicative of the 19th century and was fascinating.


Third Stop: Meadville, Pennsylvania

little library in meadville, pa

Near our hotel to watch the total eclipse, we were able to find a Little Library, located next to a section of the park where new playground equipment was being installed. (Hence the caution tape in the background of the image). It was a nice park, despite the fact that it was out of season and some of their statues and fountains were still wrapped up for protection against the cold.

There were a few baseball fields, along with walking trails, picnic tables, and benches. This one, as well as the next Library, were both found via the Free Little Library app. As the entrance to the park is kind of hidden for tourists like myself, I was glad to have the app on my phone. Though, you can always search them up on their website as well.


Fourth Stop: Also in Meadville, Pennsylvania

myself at a little library in meadville, pa

Having gone into the center of Meadville, we followed the map to find this little gem in a residential section of the town. Located at the end of a "No Outlet" drive, it was neat to see shingles on the top of the Little Library.

Not only that, but in this area, there are still brick roads! Knowing us, we HAD to try driving on one, which helped to increase our greater appreciation for paved ones.

brick road in meadville, pa

Have you ever traveled on a brick road? Not sure how easy it would be to fix a pothole :) Though, I have heard that there is still one wooden road in Philadelphia, that I will have to try someday.


Fifth Stop: Carlisle, Pennsylvania

little library in the outskirts of carlisle, pa

This blue and white structure, with a little sun under the roof, sits opposite of a lake with trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and plenty of parking for the biggest of families. It is a wonderful place to visit, and the fact that the historic farm, from across the road, had installed this Little Library, is a bonus!

Now, I don't always hand out one of my books, as you can see in the above image. Is it Christmas time? No. But, it is always a good time to spread a little Christmas spirit and a little Candace Cameron Bure around.


Wow! Talk about an adventurous start to my challenge! Can't wait to see where I go next. Until next time...thanks for reading. #bookshop #littlefreelibrary #pennsvlvania #ohio #books #challenge #outdooradventure

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