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Last Minute Easter Gifts

Updated: Feb 17, 2023


When Easter comes around the corner, it means that Spring is not far off. The flowers and sunshine and birds make us want to head outside to soak it all up after the cold of Winter. But is also means that the Easter Bunny will soon be making his rounds on the wonderful day that our Lord rose from the grave. What better way to celebrate than with some bunny-tastic chocolate?

This quick and easy craft will have your other family members' faces frozen in awe at your creativeness.


Craft Room Secret #1: Last Minute Easter Gifts

Supply List:

- Plain White Paper

- Pen

- Pink Marker

- Sandwich Bags

- Chocolates

- Stapler

- Scissors

- Tape (optional)

Step 1:

Divide your chocolates into how many handouts you will be making and how many chocolates you are giving each person. (my example is two chocolates per person)



Step 2:

Place your chocolates in the sandwich bags. If the bags are larger than the chocolates, like mine were, then fold the bag down in size and place one staple toward the middle of the folded bag.




Step 3:

Take your white paper and cut out a bunny head with ears and paws. You can either freehand it or use the template from online to trace and cut out using scissors.



Step 4:

Take the pen and pink marker to draw on the bunny face. Add the facial features and paw marks.



Step 5:

Staple the bunny head onto the folded sandwich bag by placing the staple almost exactly over the previous staple in the bag. Make sure that the paws cover the original staple.



Step 6:

You are all done and have awesome handouts that are inexpensive to make. My total cost was around $4.00 to have five handouts. If you would like to vary your bunnies, you can make some of them floppy eared.


I hope you have enjoyed this craft secret and that this will help you out at your Easter get-together. See ya next time!


Disclaimer: I am not held responsible to any damage to yourself, or any object in your house, due to you following these instructions. This craft is just a suggestion, nothing more.

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