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Author Media Kit

Short Bio: Sarah Ickes is an author, artist, and website manager with an Associates Degree in Art and Design. She loved reading in school and had a few poems published in national student publications. In continuing to pursue both of her passions, she has an online store for her artwork and continues to work on her writings. Animals are a soft spot for her, given the range she has had from chickens to dogs to guinea pigs to fish. She currently lives with her two dogs.

Longer Bio: Sarah Ickes is an author, artist and website manager who's passion for all things creative have led to not only a wonderful world of possibilities, but also to a room overfilled with art supplies. In school, she loved to read fantasy YA books, and still does. Although she has moved into the realm of reading cozy and traditional mystery books after watching so many growing up. Her interest in history has a profound influence on her work and is evident in both her writings and art pieces, particularly in regards to the Victorian time era and Ancient Greece. She has had her artwork on display at her college, a gallery in York, and she has received two artist certificates of merit from the Luxembourg Art Prize of 2021 and 2022. When she is not working, you can find her watching black and white movies or playing with her two dogs.

Series Information:

My Murial Robertson series is about a woman living in the 1880s America during the tremulous Industrial Revolution where businesses were prospering at a level never thought of before. Murial starts out on the security team for her father, Senator Robertson, until a series of events occurring in the Territory of Arizona sets a new direction for her life. Since then, she owns and operates the old family farm alongside her Foreman, and cousin, Walter with the occasional help of other friends and family as the series progresses. One would think that such a life would be serene, but that is not the case for our main heroine as she is constantly being thrust into solving mysteries, murder, and even a touch of conspiracy plots. (Traditional Mystery/Historical Fiction)

Vectra Tillerman will be coming soon

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Vectra Tillerman Series

Coming Soon...
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