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Easy Flower/Water Can Arrangement

Updated: Feb 17, 2023


Looking for something different to display on your dinner table or to give as a gift to a friend this spring? Or maybe something for a loved one's grave? Take a look at how you can use a water can as a vase for your next flower arrangement.


Craft Room Secret #2

Supply List:

- Flowers

- Floral Pics

- Wire Cutters

- Box Cutter

- Hot Glue Gun

- Hot Glue Sticks

- Permanent Marker (optional)

- Green Floral Styrofoam Ball - Hard

- Rocks

- Plastic Water Can

- Drill or Dremel Tool

Step 1:

Drill holes in the bottom of your water can with the drill or dremel tool. This will allow an outlet for the rain to escape. About five small holes will do the job.



Step 2:

Place the rocks inside the water can for weight to help the flower arrangement not topple or blow over in windy conditions.


Step 3:

Take your permanent marker and draw on the side of the water can the person's name or a message you would like on the front of the can. This step is optional if you would like to leave the sides plain.


Step 4:

Take your box cutter and cut a semi circle off of the green Styrofoam ball. It does not have to be half of the circle, just enough to cover the opening of your water can. It has to be the hard foam and not wet. Then use your hot glue gun to glue the semi circle of Styrofoam over the opening in the can.




Step 5:

Use your wire cutters to cut your flowers apart and remove all tags from both the flowers and the floral picks. Organize them by their likeness so you know how many of each you have to work with. Remember, odd numbers are better to use than even numbers.

Extra Tip: Don't go crazy with solid color. Try going for some softer shades like off-white or light purple to offset bold colors. Use various flower sizes, like sunflowers and tulips, and also vary the heights of your pieces, like a bush of heather against small roses.



Step 6:

Use the hot glue to secure your flowers as you stick them through the green foam semicircle. Place them on opposite sides from one another as you work your way around the water can. Start with the edges and work inward.


Extra Tip: Don't forget to put your floral picks in last. They will be the focal point and give your eye a rest against all of the busy floral, so place them after everything else has been put into the water can.


Step 7:

And there you have it! A nice and original piece of floral art to share you with your family and friends. A lot cheaper than having someone else do it and it means more when you do it yourself. Hope this craft room secret inspires you to try some new floral fun and see ya next time!



Disclaimer: I am not held responsible to any damage to yourself, or any object in your house, due to you following these instructions. This craft is just a suggestion, nothing more.

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