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Crafting A Candle Luminary

Updated: Feb 17, 2023


I had seen some candle luminaries advertised in a mailing and decided to see what in-store options were available. After much searching on the shelves, I hadn't found one with a scent that grabbed me. So I came to the conclusion that I was going to make one and really loved how it turned out.

The candle I ended up purchasing had one wick and was cream in its coloring. Its container was glass and when I twisted the cap off the jar, the comforting smell of apple cider donuts wafted in the air.

Buffalo plaid is a design I have fallen in love with and thought it would be perfect for this project. Without any more ado, the instructions start below this image. Please

keep in mind that everything here is a

suggestion and I am not responsible for

anything that happens as a result of trying this



Craft Room Secret #4

Supply List:

- Candle

- Vinyl

- Frosted Glass Spray

- Paper

- Newspaper

- Cricut Machine (If you don't have a machine, that is okay. There are plenty of people on Etsy that will do custom designs on their Cricuts for a price and then mail it to you. You can also ask me for one as well.)

(Any trademarked items are owned by their respective companies and are in now way affiliated with me, nor I with them.)


Step 1: After purchasing your candle, remove the original label markings until you are left with an unmarked surface.


Step 2: Prep your area for spraying the Frosted Glass. I did mine outside and used newspaper to cover my surface. Remove the lid to the candle. Take the paper, or you can use the cap of the spray can if your candle is the same size, to cover the candle. Spray according to the directions.



Side-note: Remember to take the wind into a factor when doing this.


Step 3: Wait till the surface is dry and move inside. Make sure you know what design you want to have your luminary be before starting to add the vinyl. Get your vinyl ready on a mat for your Cricut machine.



Step 4: You will need to know the distance around the outside of your candle for this next part. In order to find out this measurement, you can use a ruler to find out the diameter of your candle. Either by manually using the formula for circumference, or by plugging your numbers into an online equation, the resulting measurement should be how long to make your strip of vinyl (ex. 7.81 inches). Create your design through the Cricut software and have the machine cut the design.


Step 5: Weed out the negative spaces and use the "leftovers" to spruce up the lid to your candle. Waste not!




Step 6: Use the transfer tape to place your design onto the candle. Smooth out any bubbles before removing the tape.




Step 7: If you want to change anything you can, but you are now done! Simple and fairly quick gift idea. Or, like mine, you can make it for yourself.




I hope you enjoyed seeing my neat candle idea and have a wonderful Christmas! May God Bless. #candlecrafts #luminaries #christmasgifts #craftroomsecrets #candle #christmas #cricut #madeitwithcricut

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