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First, the voice, Second, the note. Third, the bullet! And it all began with an invitation from a man named Bernard Shetron.

Since coming back home from Arizona, Murial Robertson has been enjoying her new life running the old family farm with her cousin, Walter, and her friend, Jack. That is, until an unidentified prowler is spotted on their land and her mother decides to embark on a journey to California with a man she is quite fond of, Mr. Shetron.

When Murial and Jack accompany them, the trip takes a nasty detour into treacherous waters. Someone is determined to seek vengeance for what happened a year ago and they won't stop until both Murial and Jack are dead. And they aren't the only ones looking for revenge. Murial cannot quite put her finger on it, but there is something peculiar about her mother's new friend and the desert town he now calls home.

Angled for Revenge - Murial Robertson 2

  • Published: August 31, 2022

    Language: ‎ English

    Paperback: 264 pages

    ISBN-13 (Amazon): ‎ 979-8752259449

    ISBN-13 (Everywhere Else): ‎ 979-8-9860137-2-5

    Ebook: 979-8-9860137-3-2

    Item Weight: ‎ 12.3 ounces

    Dimensions: ‎ ‎ 5.06 x 0.6 x 7.81 inches

  • This item is not returnable, except due to a shipping issue that includes a missing package or damaged in transit. Valid for seven days past the scheduled arrival date.

    Shipping is calculated by location. Boxes may be reused in order to reduce and recycle for less of an imprint on our planet.

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