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Chatting about Murial - in Conversation with Matty Dalrymple, The Indy Author

promotional image for the indy author, with sarah ickes and matty dalrymple

Promotional Image Credited to Matty Dalrymple, The Indy Author


If you like podcasts, and questions answered by authors, you just want to try listening, or watching, to Matty Dalrymple's channel, The Indy Author. It is a great channel for chatting with fellow authors, hearing from the people who write, coach/instruct, and have learned from their mistakes/successes in the trade. Want to try it out? Here is the episode we did together, and it was so much fun! (It was also my very first podcast!)

If you like this video, you can subscribe to her channel on YouTube, and don't forget to visit her website to check out the mystery books she has written. Thanks for tuning in, and until next time! #podcast #authortalks #books #mysterybooks #authors

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